Exquisite reupholstery since 1969

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2020 | News

CraftmanshipWe are best known for our tailored and traditional approach to upholstery, and since 1969, we have built up a wonderful client base restoring and reupholstering furniture for customers, dealers, designers and museums. We have always held the view that if it is worth restoring and re-upholstering then it is worth investing in the piece. We don’t see many of our clients very often as handmaking furniture that lasts a lifetime, nothing ever goes wrong, so we always advise clients to renovate or restore where they can. Expertly upholstered furniture will last years, be a great investment and you’ll only ever have to re-cover when you change your interior!

Reupholstery and restoration

Our advice to clients on restoring any piece of furniture is always to confirm the look is perfect, but more importantly that the chair or sofa is exceptionally comfortable. This can be achieved by merely changing the seat and back cushions to our pure feather and down chambered cushions so they are soft and plump, creating a comfortable back and seat. It may just involve recovering the piece in a brand new fabric due to years of wear and tear, to which our uphRe-upholsteryolsterers can have done in a matter of days. Sometimes the work required is much more intricate and demanding on the piece, for example changing the base rail studding detail or replacing the entire base springs and webbing in a sofa. Whatever the reupholstery or restoration work is that we undertake, we have absolute confidence that our craftsmen and women will carefully restore your furniture back to its original quality.

Whether we are using all natural and organic fillings, such as hair, coconut husk and wool wadding or more modern materials such as foam and fibre in your furniture, our finishing is exquisite and your furniture will provide you with many more years of comfort.

Think Sustainability

We have always supported and implemented methods of sustainable production and manufacturing in our workshops. All of our timber is sourced from sustainable manufacturers, part of the Saint-Gobain Building Distribution, who work closely with the timber suppliers, ensuring the sustainability of raw materials is met, the carbon footprint of the products is lowered, and the social conditions for workers meet the internationally recognised standards. A vast amount of our sundries and upholstery materials are sourced from local suppliers to reduce our carbon footprint and we always recycle fabrics and materials where we can. We design and make furniture in such a way that it offers maximum comfort, and ease of use. Every piece is handmade to be durable so that it does not need to be replaced quickly and can be enjoyed for many years to come.

If you do have a piece of furniture which needs re-upholstering or you are a little unsure as to whether more work is required then please get in touch with us and we will guide you through the entire process so you are sure you are choosing the right option. You can call us on 0207 730 6442 or email our showroom on

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