Handmade TV Cabinet

Concealing and hiding garish looking televisions seems to be a popular topic amongst the interior design trends this summer and that’s why we wanted to showcase our bespoke TV cabinet units, along with our handmade upholstered TV ottomans, soon becoming our summer signature piece.

Craftmanship – it’s all in the detail

Hand drawing of tv ottoman

Our talented cabinet makers take great care when creating these beautiful pieces perfectly sized for any size television to fit into any given space, whether that be a living room, bedroom or even kitchen space. Our design team can spend hours perfecting the perfect piece for our customers, guiding their design idea along the way until they’re happy with the end result.

Fully Bespoke TV Cabinets and Upholstered TV Ottomans

These clever and aesthetically pleasing space-saving cabinets and ottomans turn a potentially awkward space into a smart, beautiful and enjoyable interior. Our handmade TV cabinets and ottomans are made so that with a touch of a button a flat-screen television will rise from the base allowing viewers to enjoy their favourite television shows. Then once the show is over, the television will slowly be lowered back into the base and hidden away when not in use. The room is left with a beautiful handmade cabinet or wonderfully upholstered ottoman to be admired by yourself and by your guests.

Handmade TV Cabinet Handmade Upholstered TV Ottoman

Handmade to order

All of our TV cabinets and TV ottomans are custom made to measure, to suit your TV size, allowing for all sizes of televisions to be accommodated. Our TV lifts are all controlled by remote and automatically open and close the lid upon command. Offering a fully bespoke service, we’re able to alter any of our handmade designs to suit the requirements of any customer.

We offer both handmade upholstered TV ottomans as shown on the left or solid hand carved wooden TV cabinets as shown on the right. We can also suggest and supply suitable televisions or alternatively you may wish to supply your own.

Deep Buttoned Upholstered TV Ottoman…

Deep button upholstered TV Ottoman  Deep button upholstered TV Ottoman - side profile   Upholstered TV Ottoman infront of bed

If you’d like to enquire about any of our handmade TV cabinets or upholstered TV ottomans then please either call us on 01772 691777 or email jessica@theoddchaircompany.com, we’d be delighted to hear from you. Why not follow our journey of new designs and events by following us Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.