Victoria James' Acylic Coffee Table (with center orb)

The Beauty of Acrylic

Friday, October 18th, 2019 | News

After great demand for these unique and beautiful pieces and having recently showcased one of our acrylic pieces at this years’ Decorex event, we wanted to let you know a bit more about this stunning material, it’s benefits and why acrylic is fast becoming the interior designer’s go-to choice for a range of interiors.

Aesthetic benefits

Acrylic furniture boasts elegance and beauty and is fast becoming one of our most popular designs here at The Odd Chair Company. It is a flawless and durable material, allowing light to flow through, creating the illusion of space in any room it is placed. This have given interior designers something more original to work with, without having to rely on solely using mirrors when it comes to creating space. Due to the sleek, stylish and smooth nature of acrylic, any piece of furniture created in this material will add a modern dimension into any living space, bridging the gap between modern and classical design.
Whether it be chairs, tables or lamps, acrylic can be used to create a varied and versatile collection of unique pieces suitable for any interior. Because of it’s transparent appearance, a wide range of colour schemes can also be used to complement these pieces, giving designers more freedom when it comes to colour choice. Along with its ability to reflect particular colours against different fabrics and textures in any given room, something of which a traditional wooden piece may not have the ability to do, it is fast becoming a favourite choice for our interior designers.Victoria James Acrylic ST002-side table

Practical benefits

Unlike traditional wooden furniture, acrylic is extremely transparent, transmitting 92 percent of white light. This is equal to the transparency of the finest optical glass. It is also shatter-resistant and proves to be much more user friendly as an indoor piece of furniture and making it a great alternative to glass.
In certain instances, items of furniture can sometimes become discoloured if left in direct sunlight too long. However when it comes to acrylic furniture, you won’t have to worry about sunlight discolouring any area of the piece due to its excellent resistance to sunlight.

With its rigid and strong nature, it also has the capability to withstand high impact or large weights, making it a great sturdy dining table, able to hold as many decorative items as you require.  Acrylic is also highly resistant to variations in temperature and humidity meaning there will be no shrinking or expanding unlike some types/grades of wood used in furniture.

Acrylic furniture is something to be admired. Along with its great beauty and ability to compliment a variety of different coloured design schemes, it is also a great investment piece which will last years.

Close up photo of acrylic table

Here at The Odd Chair Company, our acrylic specialist, Victoria James has become synonymous with beautifully handmade furniture. Using a high density transparent acrylic, Victoria leads our talented team of craftsmen who specialise in making the finest furniture.  With a deep held passion for design and the beauty of this material Victoria was inspired to create breath-taking furniture in a variety of designs to suit any taste or interior.

Victoria would be delighted to hear about your project and discuss with you any particular aspect of a design. Should you wish to discuss your project please contact us on;

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