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The Power of Collaborations

Monday, February 10th, 2020 | News

The word collaboration is now integral within the design world, whether that be in furniture design, interior design or fashion design. We truly believe that power comes in numbers and working with like-minded individuals can create exceptional achievement. In the past few years we’ve had the chance to work with a selection of fantastic designers, stylists and fabric houses, all of which have led to great relationships.

When great minds collide

It’s true what they say, great minds really do think alike! Now, not all collaborations are simultaneous when it comes to original ideas, but we always trust the thoughts and ideas from designers and work closely alongside them to achieve the best outcome.

By having a fully bespoke offering, we’ve always been able to offer designers and stylists an unlimited array of furniture designs to compliment their range or ideas. Whether that be a bespoke sized curved sofa able to fit around a centred table or a 6 sided hexagonal ottoman created from the designers idea, all pieces can be created at our Lancashire based workshop. Our craftsmen work hard to achieve the desired outcome of every handmade design we give to them.

We’re always looking to collaborate with new designers, stylists and fabric houses so please do get in touch if you wish to enquire about working with us. You may wish to call us at our head office in Lancashire on 01772 691777 or email

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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